What is hdr photography | hdr full form


What is hdr photography | hdr full form

In this post of today, we are going to talk about HDR, what is HDR, if you like to do photography then you must know what HDR is, because it directly means photography. If you also want to get this information that what is HDR, then stay on this post till the end.


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What is hdr photography | hdr full form

If you like to do Photographer and you keep taking photos in your mobile phone or in Camera, then you must have heard the name of your HDR but do you know, what is HDR and how it works and where to use it. But it happens, if you do not know, then today we will give you the answer to all these questions in full detail, you must have seen that sometimes you like the photo of a landscape on the Internet very much, and you think that you Save that photo, you save that photo too, but do you know how that photo is so colorful and so many colors emerge in it, then let us tell you that it is taken in HDR, but You can easily use HDR even while taking photos in your camera, so let’s know about HDR in detail.

What is HDR?

The Technique of HDR Photography is HDR Full Form is High Dynamic Range First of all, let us tell you that every camera has different levels of exposure, such as 2.0 Positive and 2.0 Negative HDR All the different images of the range are combined into one. An image is made by joining together, in which one photo is brought in High Exposure and the second photo is in Low Exposure and if we talk about the third, then it is in Normal, and by combining all these photos, a photo which is made. This is what we call HDR.

How does HDR work?

We all know that in today’s present era, almost everyone has an Android phone and whenever you click a photo by turning on the camera in your Android phone, then you are told that while clicking the photo, you are on your phone. Do not move it spoils your photo, now we will tell you how HDR works and when to use it.

As we told you that HDR is used to take a good quality photo, or to design the photo and if you also want to make your photo a good quality photo, then you can use HDR. For this we will tell you step by step how to use it, so let’s know.

  • You should use HDR only in Low Light and Backlight Seen because we all know that Photo Black comes in Low Light, so at this time you can use HDR, this will capture your photo better.
  • Even if you want to take landscape photos, you can still use HDR, because in landscape photos there is a lot of contrast between the earth and the sky, which can be corrected only with the help of HDR.
  • If you have ever been in a lot of sunlight and you want to click a photo, then you can also use HDR in such a situation, it reduces the sunlight that comes on your face.

When not to use HDR?

So far we have told you when to use HDR, but now we will talk about when you should not use HDR, so to know that you have to pay attention to the things mentioned below.

  • If you want to take a photo of a moving thing, suppose you want to take a photo of a swinging swing sitting on a swing, then it becomes a moving subject, in this your swing will move, then at this time you do not use HDR because we We have told you that there are always 3 photo clicks while taking a photo in HDR, so your moving photo can be out of the frame.
  • Second, do not use HDR in a place where there is a lot of contrast because it can spoil your photo.

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